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A rich woods sandalwood scent enriched with spicy sensual notes of musk and geranium. Finished with a calming lepidolite crystal

Rest & Restore Candle Is Perfect For:

  • Deep Healing, bringing you back to your true self

  • Deep Relaxation

  • Inner Peace

  • Easing Tension

  • Increasing dopamine and feel good vibes

  • Provides a feeling of emotional wellbeing


  • I am able to heal fully from things holding me back.

  • I am now letting myself fall into a deep state of relaxation 

  • I am healthy and I am well

  • All tension is leaving my body now

  • I feel good and at peace 

*Crystal size, shape and colour can vary due to its nature. We do not use additives and so candles can discolour due to the natural oils and wooden wick*

Rest & Restore

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