Why our candles are the best around 



Candle vibes uk are special and unique in their ability to help you stop and reconnect with your life. Each Soy candle is hand poured with every single ingredient having a special meaning and thought behind it

The sole purpose is to fill your environment with positive vibes long after the candle burns out. The crystals within the candles pick up on your unique energy and can be used to strengthen the positive feelings you want to create when your candle burns.

Lighting a candle and holding a crystal is a simple ritual that’s helped me in many areas of my life causing me to be more mindful and take the time to press pause.  I hope that by combining the two you get as much joy comfort, motivation and Good  Vibes as I have making them 

All candles are hand poured, Vegan and contain 100% soy wax


"I adore these candles, after burning the Window of Opportunity candle, I finally signed on my forever home and got my own salon!

— Kelly, Cheshire


“I can't believe how long the scents last, other candles stop smelling after one burn but these are amazing”

-Emma London

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